Aircraft Acquisition

AVIACON is committed to providing our customers with the right aircraft for their business through our in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry. Purchasing an aircraft, with their high-market values, is a knowledge-based procedure. You need professionals that can obtain the following information quickly and accurately:

A full pre-purchase analysis, taking your budget into full concern

Market research, finding the right aircraft for your travel needs

The current market standard for the aircraft you seek

Once we have spent the necessary time evaluating your specific needs, and narrowed the search to a few different models of planes, we can then move on to obtaining the inspection status information. When you work with the professional business jets acquisitions team at AVIACON, we eliminate the guessing games. We will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your aircraft needs, which includes:

A full maintenance history analysis

AD compliance and inspection status

An interior and exterior condition report

Time that aircraft has been on marketplace

Any lien records will be found through a reliable escrow service

Complete survey of all aircraft log books and equipment

This is accomplished during our pre-buy purchasing phase. We will have an objective services facility attend to all inspections in order to provide an unbiased professional survey of the aircraft and all its components.

Once we move on to the purchasing phase, after comparing all aircraft in the current marketplace, we provide:

A full pre-purchase analysis, taking your budget into full concern

Financial assistance through our industry contacts

As our mission statement says, we take pride in fulfilling the needs of our valued customer. When you work with the business jets acquisitions team at Aircraft Investment Group, you are dealing with professionals that have:

Several decades of jet aircraft sales and research

Access to daily updates on every plane in the world

Concise updates on market conditions for the aircraft you seek

Honesty and integrity

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